Using a variety of unique material for crafts is important.

We have all made crafts at some point in our lives, whether in school or at home. We have all done crafts with paper, cardboard, crayons, string and lots of other traditional material. However sometimes, its important to try using material which are out of the norm, for the sake of development and of course, creativity.

Here are a few reasons why it’s important to our learning curve to try different material “outside of the box”

1.   Encouraging Creativity

We want our children to learn to be creative in their own way. To think outside the box and to be innovative, so we need to be able to provide them with a variety of different material to do that. Being creative helps in all the areas of the curriculum. It helps them to think of different answers, and solve larger problems.

2.   Exposure to different textures

When we are young, we can learn anything. We tend to stick to textures that we know and are familiar with, but what if we opened that world a bit more and started exploring with more textures? All that can happen from that is good. Good learning, and good exposure for future experimenting. Exploring physically with textures, can help with being open to exploring new foods, cultures and traditions as well. Our senses are all connected, so keeping them engaged is important.

3.   Helps to open doors in future career areas

We are fortunate enough to live in a world with lots of career options, yet we tend sometimes to stick to what we know or what we learnt about. Why not add different materials to add to what we previously learnt. Most of us have no idea that concrete does not absorb paint much, how helpful would that be to a budding engineer or technologist? What about using resin to make a table or a piece of jewellery? Rubber to make 3D art? The list of material is endless, but being able to use it is priceless.

Let’s make it our parental duty to expose ourselves and our children to any different type of material we can. Whether it is a craft material or not, anyone can make anything into a masterpiece. Let’s work together to make the world a colourful palette of fun!