Forever Stones

Introducing Forever Stones. We know how important pets are and we want you to have them forever. That's why we've created Forever Stones - a uniquely crafted monument of your beloved pet. We can take your pet's ashes and turn them into a specialized stone through our unique setting process. You will be left with a beautiful peace of your beloved, set in hardened concrete, that can be kept in their favourite place in the yard, or even kept close to you indoors.

You have two sizes to choose from: A smaller 7" paw, or a larger 16" paw.

Prices start at $40 for the smaller size and $60 for the larger size.

Note: You can also order personalized paws without ashes. We can personalized with a variety of fonts for you to place in your garden, or on a path. Perfect for a cute gift too.

Please contact us for details.